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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Niagara Falls International Marathon 2009

You couldn't ask for better weather to run this event, it was perfectly sunny and a bit cool. For Sam Furlong, Cindy Marcelli, and Joan Van Hilten who were running the half, a 10 am start means not having to get up at some crazy hour. For the Full marathon however, Cynthia Osborne, Tracy MacLean and myself had to load up on a bus before 7 am to be shuttled across the border to the start line in Buffalo. After clearing the border we hung out in the Al-bright Knox Art gallery until start time, 10 am, same start time as the half just in a different country.
It was an amazing course through Buffalo and over the peace bridge, Fort Erie, and down to the road to the falls. Great scenery all the way and great fan support. I also want to send Special congrats to Barrie's Ann Green who completed her first marathon, and Tracy for completing back to back weekend marathons, way to go!
This event for me was a streak of 4 marathons in 6 weeks(37 days) for Marathon Maniac Gold Status. Its been a busy year and its not over yet, right Keith!!

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  1. Way to go everyone! Congratulations on your strong performances!
    I would like to also say congratulations to Darren Collins of Victoria Harbour, Ont. An occasional attendee at our Sunday runs that has followed the BRR blog for some time now.
    Darren was on hand to complete his second marathon at this event in Niagara Falls. His finish time? 03:00:42 for 4th place in his category and 18th place overall. Congratulations!


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